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Intern Diaries: A Journey of Learning and Growth at Little Place Labs

Over the summer, Little Place Labs had the privilege of welcoming two amazing interns, Giselle Fonseca and Vanessa Chong, each contributing their unique talents and perspectives to our diverse team.

As Bosco Lai, CEO of Little Place Labs, reflects on their internships, "Giselle and Vanessa are critical parts of our mission and invaluable contributors to Little Place Labs." Here are their testimonies.

Giselle Fonseca: Business Development

Giselle Fonseca

Giselle started as an Business Development Intern and found herself on the frontier of a rapidly evolving space industry. Her daily collaboration with others at LPL, who were shaping the future of space technology through cutting-edge satellite software, ignited her passion for both business and space technology. The environment of constant innovation not only stimulated her intellectually but also inspired her profoundly.

In her role, Giselle played a pivotal part in forging partnerships and exploring new opportunities. This hands-on experience allowed her to refine her project management skills, build meaningful relationships, and witness firsthand the direct impact of her contributions on the company's growth. The satisfaction of seeing projects come to fruition was truly gratifying.

Moreover, the company's culture fostered a collaborative and inclusive atmosphere. Giselle was warmly embraced by a diverse team of professionals who shared a common vision. The support and mentorship she received were invaluable, encouraging her to think creatively, propose innovative solutions, and take ownership of her projects. These experiences significantly contributed to her personal and professional growth.

But what truly set this experience apart was the overarching sense of purpose. Giselle notes, "It's not every day that you get to be part of an endeavor with the potential to shape our future and enhance the little place we call home."

Vanessa Chong: Marketing and Communications

Vanessa Chong

Vanessa started as an Marketing and Communications Intern with LPL. Vanessa's expectations entering Little Place Labs were uncertain. With no prior experience in the space industry, she anticipated a steep learning curve and a fast-paced environment. However, her experience turned out to be different from her initial expectations. She discovered a supportive atmosphere, surrounded by mentors and colleagues eager to share their knowledge, guiding her through the intricacies of the field. It was a truly enriching experience, and she's grateful for the people and friends she made on this journey.

A highlight of Vanessa's internship was her involvement in the development of LPL's first newsletter. This project allowed her to meet various team members while compiling a list of accomplishments made by LPL. It was not only an excellent way to understand the inner workings of LPL and the space industry but also an opportunity to develop her skills in market analysis as she determined the best platform for the newsletter.

Vanessa's advice to future interns and those considering a journey into the space industry is simple yet profound: be curious and unafraid to ask questions when confused. Regardless of prior experience, if you have a passion or genuine interest in the industry, don't hesitate to join in on this amazing journey.

Final Thoughts: "To Giselle and Vanessa, your journey with us is just the beginning. Keep reaching for the stars, and may your futures be as bright as the constellations you've explored here at Little Place Labs."

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