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Orbitfy Suite

Orbitfy suite is a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for everyone’s space needs.
It comprises of 3 products, namely - Prep, Edge and View.
Orbitfy Prep
On-board conversion of raw data to analysis ready imagery 

Handles data pre-processing of imagery acquired from various MSI and SAR sensors. Orbitfy Prep can convert L0 data to L2 data, conduct cloud segmentation and removal and data augmentation using sampling techniques.

Orbitfy Edge
On-board processing of satellite data to provide actionable insights and alerts under 7 minutes

Orbitfy Edge is a suite of machine learning, deep learning and computer vision algorithms that are deployed on-board satellites to generate actionable data analytics and time-sensitive alerts
Orbitfy View Dashboard
Orbitfy View
Easy data visualization and satellite tasking requests through a unified platform for a seamless space experience

An intuitive web dashboard that allows Orbitfy users to task different satellites over different locations, get timely alerts and view data visualizations for their analysis – all under 7 minutes from point of data acquisition

Our Technology

At its core, Little Place Labs operates at the intersection of space technology, artificial intelligence and edge computing. The foundation of our technology lies in satellite edge computing, a revolutionary approach that leverages onboard computing power to process data in space, on the satellite itself, rather than transmitting vast quantities of raw data to Earth for processing.

Our technology begins with deploying advanced machine learning algorithms directly onto our satellite constellations. These algorithms are custom-designed to process and analyze various data types in real time, from optical and infrared imaging for wildfire detection to synthetic aperture radar data for vessel tracking in the future.

Once the data is collected by our satellites, our machine learning algorithms kick into action, processing and analyzing the data in orbit. This drastically reduces the time, costs, and complexities traditionally associated with downlinking and processing raw satellite data.

The processed data, now transformed into actionable insights, is then transmitted back to Earth. The transition from raw data to critical information happens within just
7 minutes, making our service not only innovative but also extremely time efficient.
How we solve
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