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Orbitfy Prep

On-board conversion of raw data to analysis ready imagery


The L2 processed imagery can be used standalone or as an input to any data analysis pipeline that enables you to skip straight to analysis without having to worry about satellite image corrections, geo-referencing, data formats, etc. 

Customizable for any and all satellite sensor payloads.



Image by Markus Spiske
Data Pre-processing

  Incorporate ready-to-use data pre-processing modules in your space mission

▶  Customize pre-processing for your multispectral, hyperspectral and thermal payload

▶  Get analysis-ready data directly downlinked to your customers

Data Augmentation

▶  Provide enhanced datasets to your customers

▶  Upscale and downscale resolution according to your needs

▶  Use basic segmentation models to annotate your imagery

Cloud Segmentation

▶  Reduce redundancy by downlinking cloud-free data only

▶  Algorithms designed to segment and remove clouds from imagery

 Designed for hyperspectral and multispectral payloads

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