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Orbitfy Edge

On-board processing of satellite imagery data to provide actionable insights and alerts in under 7 minutes.

Orbitfy Edge is a collection of cutting-edge machine learning, deep learning and computer vision algorithms designed to operate on a satellite in space.

Its primary function is to analyze incoming data, harnessing its processing capabilities to generate valuable insights, ultimately enabling informed decision-making and actionable outcomes in disaster management, maritime intelligence, financial services and defense.

We can tailor a product for your industry!

Little Place Labs


Space Analytics for Ground

Disaster Management
Disaster Management

▶  Get notified about wildfires within seconds

▶  Estimate damages by calculating burnt and affected areas

▶  Predict the rate of fire by combining current and historical imagery and alternate datasets

▶  Check best evacuation routes, spread of fire and much more.

Financial Services
Financial Services
Identify changes in supply chains by monitoring ports and warehouses

▶  Get timely damage estimates for natural disasters

▶  Verify claims using change detection models and high resolution satellite imagery

▶  Obtain high resolution imagery for any area on Earth within seconds.

Maritime Intelligence
Maritime Intelligence

▶  Identify and locate suspicious vessels using high resolution vessel detection models and timely AIS data

▶  Get alerted about any unprecedented marine activity for areas of interest

▶  Analyze shipping activity over time for any area on the planet

▶  Get insights into vessel behavior and characteristics using imagery


▶  Analyze changes and detect anomalies in patterns-of-life for sensitive areas

▶  Get unparalleled surveillance insights from remote areas

▶  Monitor areas and get alerted at the slightest sign of activity

▶  Secure your workflow through advanced encryption algorithms

Space Analytics for Space

Space Domain Awareness
Space Domain Awareness

▶  Protect your space assets from debris, space junk and more

▶  Optimize paths for your assets in real-time by leveraging advanced location and mapping algorithms

▶  Automate routing and collision avoidance for your space asset

▶  Get alerted for any environmental factors like space storms to take preventive measures

Satellite Health Monitoring
Satellite Health Monitoring
▶  Detect anomalies in operations of your satellites and payloads within 7 minutes

▶  Understand causes for operational failures to take timely action

▶  Automatically trigger response protocols and create a self-sustaining space system

▶  Visualize telemetry and health data on a user dashboard

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