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Precise Space Analytics in Near Real Time.

Meet Little Place


Little Place Labs was formed in 2020 with deep roots at the University of Oxford. We all love space and tech, and share the  passion of building solutions to improve people’s wellbeing, help the environment and change the world for the better.


Today’s satellites capture huge amounts of raw data but downlink is slow and only minimal onboard processing is done. It therefore takes way too long to get meaningful insights on time-sensitive events like natural disasters, Illegal activities, defense, etc. We strive to break this bottleneck and make delivery of insights to decision-makers and responders in near-real-time.


We build software applications utilizing advanced machine learning techniques that can be deployed on remote sensing satellites optimized for the Space environment, aka “Satellite Edge Computing” and will allow raw data to be processed immediately as it is captured, and insights to be developed in orbit.

Meet Little Place

Areas of Interest

Space for Ground

Image by Landon Parenteau

Disaster Management

Get notified about wildfires in seconds

Image by Tierra Mallorca

Financial Service

Use Satellite imagery to measure and validate insurance claims

Image by Chris Pagan

Maritime Intelligence

Identify and locate dark vessels instantaneously

Image by NASA


Monitoring changes in activity in areas of interest

Space for Space

Image by Markus Spiske

Data Pre-processing

Process, store and analyse raw data, all onboard the satellite

Image by Clay Banks

Space Awareness

Locate and map the position of your asset relative to external threats


Satellite Health Monitoring

Monitor health metrics for your payload to prevent malfunctions

The LPL Edge

10,000 X
Satellite Data Downlink Reduction
90 X
Reduction in Time to Critical Insights
5 X
Cost Reduction

Supported By

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Spporters & Awards


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2021 Gravity Challenge - AWS

Champion of the global Gravity Challenge - Space AI Track organized by Deloitte and AWS.

2022 Oxford Saïd Entrepreneurship Forum

Winner of startup pitch competition.

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