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Little Place Labs to use Exodus Orbitals Development Kit in building Satellite-based Applications

Exodus Orbitals and Little Place Labs have started development of satellite-hosted software applications.

Little Place Labs have signed a license agreement to use Exodus Orbitals Software Development Kit for development of the commercial application in remote sensing domain, to be deployed and executed on the upcoming satellite mission to be launched in 2023.

This joint effort will allow Exodus Orbitals to advertise its platform as an innovative way to access space-based capabilities and for Little Place Labs to demonstrate the value of in-space processing for Earth Observation through advanced machine learning algorithms.

“Software applications in space have potential to become one of the largest markets in space industry, as this approach allows agility and scalability of software development to be applied directly to satellite technology. I am very pleased to start working with the Little Place Labs team and looking forward to our upcoming launch next year”.

Dennis Silin, CEO Exodus Orbitals

“We at Little Place Labs believe that advanced software will be the key to opening up the limitless possibilities in space edge computing and downstream use cases. Exodus Orbitals’ development kit will provide us with an environment to build, test and enhance our software. This is integral for us to accomplish our mission of offering the best-in-class edge computing solutions to many real-life challenges.”

Bosco Lai, CEO Little Place Labs

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