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Little Place Labs enters AWS Space Accelerator 2023 cohort

Little Place Labs (LPL) has been selected to be part of the coveted AWS Space Accelerator 2023 Cohort, as announced recently by Amazon Web Services (AWS). The program offers technical, business, and mentorship support to help startups advance their innovative space solutions and accelerate their growth using the cloud.

Selected from hundreds of applicants worldwide, LPL was one of the 13 global space startups chosen for this year's cohort by a diverse panel of experts from AWS and TechConnect. The selection criteria were based on several factors, including the innovative and unique nature of each project, relevance to the space sustainability focus, the overall value the solution may bring to the space industry, the creative application of AWS technology, and the team’s ability to deliver on an identified opportunity.

Little Place Labs specializes in providing near-real-time space analytics for both ground and space-based applications. By using advanced machine learning algorithms deployed directly on satellites and other space infrastructures, LPL enables rapid, precise, and cost-effective delivery of critical insights across commercial and national security sectors, with the ultimate goal of making the world a better place.

Participation in the AWS Space Accelerator will provide LPL with business development and strategy support, specialized AWS training, mentorship from AWS space domain and technical subject matter experts, up to $100,000 in AWS Promotional Credit, and support on building and scaling their solution worldwide.

As more than 70 countries participate in space activities, the global interest in space technology pushes the boundaries of innovation in spacecraft launch, human space exploration, and scientific discovery. AWS Space Accelerator aims to support this wave of innovation, and organizations like Little Place Labs are leading the way in developing the next generation of space technologies.

For more information, refer to the blog on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) site -

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