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Data Science Internship (CLOSED)


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Little Place Labs is a space technology (SpaceTech) startup with a vision of making satellites and space robots intelligent, autonomous and decentralised as we enter into the new era of commercially exploiting space derived insights and resources.

Our initial mission is to develop space-based data processing capabilities for various Earth Observation (EO) applications. We aim to make satellites smarter by enabling satellite edge computing and machine learning in orbit to generate near real-time insights for objects and events of interest on the ground such as wildfires, floods, surveillance and other finance applications.

Our rapidly growing team of mission-driven, space enthusiasts is passionate, innovative, and committed to a better future for planet Earth, the little place that we all call home.

Project Description:

LPL is engaged in various object detection projects using satellite data including RGB, mutli-spectral and SAR, and onboarding processing. The end use cases include surveillance of vessels in the open ocean, tracking of trucks and ground fleets, measuring of emissions & carbon impact etc. The successful candidate would be involved in upcoming milestones such as:

  • Building Data Pipes and Architecture

  • Enhancing our machine learning solutions

  • Testing in a ground lab simulating the environment of a satellite

  • Deploying our solutions onto a satellite in space

Applicant Specification:

Applicants will need to have an interest in Earth Observation and Machine learning, basic programming skills in Python, willingness to learn quickly and the ability to follow instructions. Minimum bachelor degree in GIS, Geography, Geoscience, Computer Science or similar.

Minimum Requirements:

Experience in Satellite Data Preparation and Cleansing, GIS software skills (QGIS and/or ArcGIS), Python programming, experience working with geospatial data.

Excellent communication skills, good listener, interest in undertaking research, ability to learn new technologies, ability to follow instructions, attention to details. Able to build modular & re-usable tools, writing maintainable code, owning technical and business documentation

Preferred Additional Requirements:

Experience applying machine learning and/or computer vision techniques (including

corresponding python libraries such as TensorFlow and OpenCV)

Experience using version control software (e.g. Git, SVN) and linux environments

Experience working with multi-spectral image data, or other data fusion tasks


Reach out to us at with your CV or LinkedIn profile.


Individuals seeking employment at Little Place Labs are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

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