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Our Story

Our founding team first met at the University of Oxford. Inspired by each other's unique stories, goals and our collective curiosity and passion towards space and technologies, we quickly decided to join forces to build space-tech solutions to "Make this World a Better Place".

We formed Little Place Labs in 2021 focusing on building machine learning software that runs in space to generate useful analytics and delivers them in near-real-time. This allows our customers to make informative decisions and take action within a few minutes on time-sensitive events like wildfires, threat surveillance, combat situations.

Today we have grown into an amazing team of 16, we are alumni of prominent accelerators by the UK Space Agency, Catalyst Accelerator, Starburst Aerospace, we are the winner of the space AI track in Gravity Challenge in 2021 - a global space tech competition by Deloitte and AWS, and we are getting ready to launch our solution into space early next year to help combat illegal fishing activities.


We are committed and ready to take the next important step in our mission and we invite you to join us on this exciting ride as we kick start our "F&F" fund raise. Full details will be released on the 22nd Aug 2022.


Please sign up below and reach out to us any time. 

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